Guru Bike System Fitting

More comfort and efficiency equals riding farther and faster, with less chance of injury. Hazard’s Cyclesport, a partner with THE LAB, uses the Guru Fit System to fit the bike to you. This system allows both the fitter and rider the ability to make real time adjustments to the bike and find the best position for the rider. The 3D Camera captures the rider’s anatomic data while the rider is pedaling in real time.

The Guru Fit System also allows the fitter the ability to take a cyclist’s pre-existing riding position to assist in finding a new bike. If the cyclist doesn’t have a bike currently, the “Bike Finder Fit” allows the fitter and rider the ability to first come up with a fit for the rider, then use the data base to combine different makes and models to find the bike(s) that best match the rider’s preferred position. The rider can confidently purchase the bike knowing it will fit him/her perfectly.

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