Membership at The Lab

By employing cutting-edge assessment technology, THE LAB is able to create a blueprint of each member and then craft a full-access program for them utilizing the same specialized training that elite professionals (NBA, MLB, NFL) receive at P3! Following a 360-degree assessment of biomechanics and performance, THE LAB’s Director of Training meets individually with each member to define their goals and tailor to them a custom, individualized training plan featuring the latest in science-based technology. We aim to leverage every resource we have at our disposal to help our members achieve the impossible! Our memberships include access to individual on-floor training with a P3 Performance Specialist, Elite Physical Therapy, soft tissue work and stretching, a full array of flow and restorative classes, and a comprehensive suite of recovery modalities, including whole-body cryotherapy, the NormaTec compression system, and the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

To inquire about our exclusive memberships, please follow the button at the bottom of this page and fill out an Information Form. We will review your information and set up an appointment to further discuss how our team at THE LAB can best benefit you!


With our Premier Lab Membership, you will enjoy fully individualized assessments, including a custom care and training plan. We coordinate your training around your demanding schedule for convenient and efficient results. Enjoy access to the same science-based individualized training that professional athletes benefit from at P3!


Our Peak Week Membership allows visitors and out-of-town guests to experience a fully individualized training week with our best-in-class performance specialists. This short-term program is designed to provide clients with maximum training and recovery benefits during their stay in Santa Barbara.