• P3 Peak Performance Training

    Today’s doctors practice evidence-based medicine. Harvard-trained physician Dr. Elliott brings years of medical training and experience to his work with P3 Athletes, which means they receive consultation and training based on the latest scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness.

    Dr. Elliott not only follows the latest performance training and injury prevention science, he helps create it. Under his watchful eye and direction, P3 Athletes train using the leading tools today’s science has to offer. In addition, every athlete’s training performance is carefully documented and studied for subtle trends and breakthroughs. P3 is a modern laboratory for elite athletes where the latest in science is applied to athletic training in an athlete-specific and customized manner that is exclusively P3.

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  • Elite Performance and Rehabilitation Center

    Elite Performance & Rehabilitation Center uses a hands-on treatment approach. Special attention is paid to the bio-mechanics and patho-mechanics of each patient. During the initial evaluation each patient is assessed through a written and verbal history, a review of any previous records such as MRI’s, X-rays and surgical reports, and an extensive clinical examination. The evaluation is the first step in the path to recovery.

    Elite Performance & Rehabilitation Center specializes in all aspects of orthopedic rehabilitation utilizing manual techniques such as joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, neural mobilization, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), myofascial release, and biomechanical assessments. Treatment regimens are individualized based on diagnosis, individual goals and individual limitations; no two patients are treated exactly the same because no two people are the same.

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  • Marlo’s Therapeutic & Sports Massage

    Marlo Tell is an innovative body-worker, wellness provider and natural connector. After starting her massage business 18 years ago, she has successfully grown her practice in the highly competitive Santa Barbara massage market. The Santa Barbara Independent has awarded her “Best Licensed Massage Therapist” for each of the last 10 years.

    Marlo has developed a proprietary modality of bodywork that she successfully imparted to her staff through months of intensive training with top athletes. She works with triathletes, marathon runners, Olympian water polo players, tennis players, baseball players, Tour De France athletes and NBA players.

    Marlo’s approach in promoting wellness as a means of avoiding sickness and injury have garnered her an incredible reputation for giving effective advice. She lives within Santa Barbara’s wellness epicenter, working alongside top surgeons, physical therapists, trainers and acupuncturists.

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  • Santa Barbara Track Club

    The Santa Barbara Track Club (SBTC) aims to provide a progressive and cohesive Track & Field experience for members of our community from youth to masters as well as the development of Olympians and Olympic hopefuls alike. Whether you are an elite athlete or a beginner, the SBTC provides private coaching opportunities to help you achieve your goals. If you are a middle school athlete just getting started, a high school athlete preparing for your season, an Olympic hopeful or a Master’s athlete, the sport of athletics can offer a rewarding experience to every individual. The SBTC also provides services to athletes looking to improve their speed and power in any sport from soccer to volleyball and baseball to football.

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