V02 Max

V02 Max is the ultimate indicator of cardiovascular fitness, and has previously only been available at hospitals, universities, and to elite endurance athletes. The test is a cardio workout on a stationary device—such as a treadmill, cycle or stairstepper— with gradually increasing intensity, during which an athlete is fitted with a heart rate strap and a face mask. These devices allow us to glean important insights about the athlete with incredible precision, including the number and type of calories burned during exercise, the exercise level that will optimize fat burning, heart rate zones for optimal training sessions, and excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.


Blood Lactate Testing

The lactate threshold is the exercise intensity at which blood lactate (also known as lactate acid) begins to accumulate in the blood at a rate faster than it can be recycled. Once the accumulation hits this point, unbuffered acid enters the blood stream and eventually forces you to decrease intensity. The lactate threshold is a useful measure for deciding exercise intensity for training and racing in endurance sports. It varies between individuals but can be increased with training.

Blood Lactate Testing at THE LAB is done to find your exact lactate threshold and the correct intensity for base, recovery and intense interval training. Based on this information, we can give you specific zones in which to train, allowing you to perform smarter and harder than ever before.