Force-Plate Run Assessment

THE LAB offers state-of-the-art Simi Running Analysis and Kistler Force Plate Analysis to our athletes. This equipment uses detailed methods of examination through video recording to detect biomechanical parameters in every phase of movement. Well-respected physical therapist and running coach Mike Swan uses this information in order to better identify improper movement patterns that have the potential to cause injury. Using this information, we design a personalized program for each athlete to prevent injury, aid in the rehabilitation process and enhance efficient run patterns.

Mike holds a Master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Southern California. Upon graduation at USC, he was named the clinical science department’s Graduate Student of the Year. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Mike also achieved All-American status five times as a triathlete, having completed the Hawaiian Ironman World Championships seven times. As an ultramarathoner, he has raced at the 50-mile distance five times, having finished second overall in three of those races.

Mike is also a talented running coach in the Santa Barbara area. He started by providing schedules and coaching for a handful of local triathletes, and he has now built his coaching business into a very successful enterprise. Mike coaches athletes of all levels and abilities, from many of the area’s top triathletes, to new runners, to experienced runners trying to reach the next level.